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Simon's experience and well rounded background will have you prepared for which ever event you are training for. His approach is to get you to the start line in the best possible shape, having enjoyed the process along the way. Calculated, Structured and Fun.

Simon has been part of the fitness industry for 15 years, beginning as a strength and conditioning coach and building his passion for coaching and personal development. He has worked with a wide range of athletes and clients from general weight loss and strength gains, to coaching elite triathletes and runners to world class level competition. He continues to up-skill with the ever-growing technology and scientific approaches to training and nutrition. 

2023 has been a massive year for Simon himself, winning the Ultraman Australia, and in the process taking over 80minutes of the World Record!

His own racing has amassed over 37 Ironman finishes with multiple top 10 results including 4 x podiums in international professional Ironman events. Also, recently winning the Taupo 100km Ultramarathon, taking out 'The Claw' 200km trophy at the Bluelake 24hr Challenge, and a 5th place overall at the Tarawera Ultramarathon 100 mile event. He has raced at the world championships many times himself, and this experience helps you get ready and into the right mindset for success!

Simon is excited about supporting you on your own journey to the top - whatever that means to you!

Premium custom plan tailored to your goals. Specific to your time availability and level of competition. Make efficient and productive use of your time. Initial pre-screening and skype calls to ensure we have the right information to get started on the best plan suited to YOU. Unlimited contact and adjustments made along the way.

Personalised strength and conditioning programme designed to enhance movement patterns and build resilience. Assessment of your range of movement and areas to focus on. Continued progression. 


strength sessions

Structured training plans to get you prepared for an event. 


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